Daily observations

Yesterday, near Norfolk’s Botanical Garden I looked up to see an Eagle spread it’s wings and lift off the high limb of an oak! Noticing. Taking note. I’d just had the oil in my ’91 Subaru changed because heading to Norfolk the day before I’d seen two women checking their oil…not ONE but TWO!!!! I thought that noticing was a signal for me to check my oil. Good thing! It was 2 quarts low!!!! Jiffy Lube topped me off and I headed safely back to get ready for the Jennifer Berezan Concert!!!! Trying to pay attention!

Thank you. Gratitude fills my soul! Made it safely to last night’s circle…where I shared that I saw the Eagle…I didn’t say after my oil was topped off. (smile)

Made beautiful connections so it feels like circles intersect with circles to spread the news…the talent…the beauty..the PEACE.

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