Well, well, well….or waterhole, waterhole, waterhole

It’s been a time since the last time I entered a blog.  A lot has happened. Let’s see…too much to enumerate.  Therefore, I will start with NOW.  Right now.  Let  me see.  For starters, if this page hadn’t just popped up I probably would not have written tonight.  Yep, it simply popped up.  There it was and so here I am.

Since the Jennifer Berezan’s concert in Washington, DC area last May I have been working on a gofundme campaign and creating a presence in social media.  While I have a ways to go I am making some headway.

I’ve moved to Norfolk, VA!  Another extraordinary shift.  Mermaids here in Norfolk.  There is lots to discover here.  I’ve discovered beautiful places and beautiful people!  Grew some tomatoes, too! Voted here, too.

Guess it’s home for now.  Although, I am coming to grips with the realization that I am a nomad.  That surprises me, too. Life is full of surprises and that is one.

Must go to sleep now.  Shall begin again.  Dedicate myself to writing more now that I’ve found it again.  Welcoming me back to my site!  It’s going to be easier now that I’ve come out on social media.  Because I’m not so shy and I’m not such a perfectionist.  My internal editor is not so wound up, know what I mean?  Okey dokey, til the next one.

The North/Earth Altar

The North/Earth Altar


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