Last Day of 2016

This is what I want you to know. That I am working like a wild woman. Yes, each J.O.B. is something I like. Each job requires focusing in on the moment; laser focus, hawk eye focus and eagle focus. Rise and rise and rise to present time. Meanwhile, not loose sight of the whole. ie. LOVING!

To this I want to honor this last year: 2016.
1) Moved from Northern Virginia (which I LOVED) to Norfolk (which I love!)
2) Attended Sage Discernment by Jane Lovas Consulting which was EXCELLENT and expanded my world! Acknowledge the gifts…Including POWER HOUSE Women Jane, Cheryl, Patrise, Terry, Alice, Heidi, Carol and Linda.
3) Attended WOW Retreat (always an extraordinary source of LOVE, RESOURCING and AMAZING GODDESSES!)
4) Produced my first concert EVER with Co Producer Christel Libiot!!! bringing Jennifer Berezan for the first time to the Washington, DC area! The WOW Grace Group opened the show! Here is Caroline Casey’s interview with Jennifer:…/the-visionary-activist-show-may-19-2016/
Patrise Henkel (who I met during Sage Discernment and is Goddess of Digital Marketing) had this to say: In honor of Mother’s Day, I want to share the music and work of Jennifer Berezan with you. Berezan is appearing in concert May 27th in Washington DC for the first time, and I am thrilled to get to hear her. Jennifer is a unique blend of singer/songwriter and activist. She has recorded over ten albums, and in them you can hear the sacred energy arising from her Buddhism and earth-based spirituality.
For Jennifer Berezan herself go to:
5) Dawn Avery, AMAZING BEING ON THE PLANET, was part of my spiritual life, too, as I attended her meditation group with more FABULOUS GODDESSES! (I miss you ALL!)
6) Participated at the 1000 Goddess Gathering on the Mall in October! A magnificent event generated by Mare Cromwell (who brought her vision to life!) and her Team of Goddesses including Christel Libiot!
7) Script dc, by WIFV, was an amazing event on the film side of things! Gratitude to Joel Westbrook for helping bring the film along! Trailer was filmed! OMGoodness it was a wonderful day! Magnificent people have joined the project! Thank you to all who provided input to date either monetarily or with wise encouraging words!
8) On one trip to New York got to meet Matthew Cross whose work with Fibonacci Sequence has impacted my life enormously! Thank you, Matthew!
9) Getting significant time and creating precious moments with key Light Beings in my life including, but not limited to: my family!, Fran (most recently a couple days at Nags Head), Goddess Consortium Women (includes: Patrise Henkel, Lisa Jascenich, Christel Libiot, Carol Burbank and Margaretta McIlvaine–Save the Date: January 29, 2017) and my Prayer Partner, Linda David, Meditation Group (w and w/o Edimere!) and fabulous people there (including Emily B.!
10) As I transitioned living place I had an extraordinary
evening when I met Amy Diggs from Norfolk (Met Amy at Antonia’s (WOW) Love event February 14th weekend) on the beach not three miles from my house. She brought her abalone shell and saged me; welcoming me to this place as the full moon rose the night of the eclipse.
11) Unity Renaissance has come into our lives here. With that so many wonderful people, including all the people in my Prosperity Plus group. Dancing Marge! Terrific Tony! Then, after the election, Amy Diggs introduced me to Clarice and so, Vincent, Mary, Bee, Laura….and so circles weave and join.

One blessing weaves into another. I am grateful for so much! My life is extraordinary! Filled with BEAUTY and JOY!!!! My family is so precious and I am grateful for them. For my jobs all interesting and varied. For my dreams that fill my soul and that dance of reality…always. Thank you for YOU! Did you get to the end of my little piece here? Blessings Dear Ones! Today and every day! It is in this reaching out, laying before YOU, my contemplations, that I visited all these blessings….including today, this last day of 2016, I am scheduled to give two Reiki sessions at A Day Spa in Hampton. Reiki: being the conduit for Universal Life Force Energy. How lucky can a girl be?!?!?!

Happy New Year!


  1. Wow! Sounds like 2016 was a banner year for you! Hope 2017 will be just as fruitful!

  2. I love seeing the joy radiate from you, dear sistah Dianne. You are such an inspiration to me. I love you and bless you. Kathryn Parker

  3. What a lovely, beautiful, busy bee you are, Dianne!!!
    2017 Bright Blessings to you!!!

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