Today we begin our journey. Three generations of us are going to the Women’s March in Washington, DC on a bus from Staunton that was inspired by Lisa Jacenich! You know how it is when you plan something WAAAAAYYYYY ahead and it seems to be waaaaaay out there and suddenly it is within hours of departure time? Well, that’s how it is. And I want to write. Because, like all of us in this present moment, we are in the rolling tide of change.

Change is inevitable. We know this. We have spent our lives preparing for this. Yesterday I listened to Abraham – Hicks on the change at this time looking for deeper/higher insight on how my soul participated in an effort to become a more conscious participant.

This is a great opportunity to listen, to voice, to be healers, to challenge, to support, to hold fast, to surrender, to rejoice….all of it. We can decide what will serve us; each one of us has the opportunity.

We’ve been reading materials on how to stay safe as we commit to being part of this great energy surge. As citizens of the United States of America, we are exercising our right to peaceful protest like the Water Protectors at Standing Rock who are still experiencing unlawful brutality.

Alchemy is afoot.

We walk with LOVE asking our ancestors to walk with us. We walk asking the Four Directions, the Earth and the Sky to walk with us. We ask the Spirit of the Elements to walk with us. We ask the Spirit of the Four Legged, Two Legged, Winged Creatures, the Water Creatures and the Creepy Crawlies to walk with us. We walk for the Generations that brought us to this place for and for the Generations to come. We walk for the Star Beings. Our hearts are connected….And so it is.

Blessed be.

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