Family Jewels

Looking through the books seeing if there were any dear yellowed pages I could leave behind. I found poetry books written and self-published by my father’s cousin (and so mine, naturally).  She was Aunt Nellie’s daughter (I think.) Her name was Mable LaGrone McGhee.

I remember visiting her home as a child. It was magical each time.  The tiny wrinkled woman was full of encouragement, smiles and kind words.  These poetry books presented to my parents throughout the years are precious.

Here are two gems:

My Star

What do I see way up in the sky?

I’ve got my eye on a star.

Is it Jupiter, or Mars or Saturn?

What ever it is, it can’t be too far.

I’ll take hold and never let it go.

I’ll ride the win to Jupiter

I’ll hop on a star to Saturn one day,

I’m looking for a star called Happiness

But there is no star by that name.

Earth has promised me joy and happiness

I was on my way to fame.

Joy gave me a lift to other worlds

Too soon I dropped down to Earth.

She had promises all fair and bright

and I found my joy—The place of birth.


She is free at time of the sharing of her poetry.  The first reading of “My Star” I was transported to the temples in Malta thinking how she loved the stars, the same stars as ancient women who aligned the Goddess Temples to the moon and the stars, the constellations and the cycles, in Mississippi, where my father is from.  While entering the poem into this writing I was transported a second time. This time I entered to childhood memories of visits to her home…and my lineage.  My brother and I have cut our ties.  I’m sad about that.  Having shed some light on that shadow, here is the other gem I found to share with you penned by Mabel LGrone McGhee.


Helplessness can be a great asset

in a person’s life.

It is only then when we can ask for help.

Helplessness is a prerequisite to

answered prayer.

I am filled with gratitude for this day to rediscover the vastness of our Oneness and the webs of marvelous connections that we spin.

Most extraordinary to add here that my daughter is a poet, too.  To delight in some of her poetry go here:

Thank you for reading to this place. Please let me know what you think. Please, if you are so inclined, share ….and with me!

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