A Vision for 2018 – Thank you, Jane Lovas!

Yesterday was exhilerating as Jane Lovas urged us to go deeper and deeper envisioning next year. We excavated dreams.  At the end of the day I was making plans for renting a spot in the south of France for all of the people who worked on the film to join me for it’s premier in Cannes in May of 2019!  I have the guest list.  More individuals will be added no doubt.  To see if you are on the list check in with me, please!  Thank you, Jane.  It was so fun,and so encouraging!  Lovely to choose to set aside time to dream and to have supportive witnesses.

The day closed with a plan in place and  a commitent to work with a photographer, Alice, to shoot a short video on Jane and the development of this process to share on her website and to share on Goddess Works Media Group, LLC website. A very tangible step.   Doable.  Short and sweet.  We plan to film later this month.  Will let you know!


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