Here it is – that talk about FEAR with Felecia Reed

On November 25, 2017 I read this post in the Women of Wisdom facebook group:

Felicia Reed posted:  I am seeking females to feature on Females Without Fear for WBTVN. There is no cost involved at this time. It only requires 35 minutes on Zoom and your authentic self-sharing as much or as little as you like about facing fear.

The “fear” word enticed me to respond.  I was especially sensitive to it because I’d just completed a powerful, practical and informative six-week class through Bold in Business by Emily Barrosse. During the six-week class, not only was I aware of my hesitancy to speak, I heard similar tales from my colleagues about finding their voice in their business world.  Persisting in finding and using “my voice” was one of my “take-aways.”

Here was an opportunity to step out of my comfort zone and talk publicly about my vulnerabilities. Thank you, Emily Barrosse for your essential work in supporting, guiding and mentoring women to find their voices.  Thank you, Felicia Reed, for creating a platform to move women’s voices into the world so our stories can be shared!

I answered the call. Here is the result of being encouraged to be heard.


Emily Barrosse

Felicia Reed:

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