AVAILABLE ON AMAZON! Northern Arapaho Suicide Prevention Program!!!!

Dear Family and  Friends,

Here is my “Press Release” to announce our film is available on Amazon  Thanks to NativeTV.  I  just want a minute to feel this gratitude for this opportunity.  Opportunity to get the word out about how these two Arapaho guys, father, and son, have defied the odds to get kids on horses.  It is so inspiring to see what they have created.!   THEN I think of all the very incredible circumstances and people that made it all happen.  And then I KNOW, without a doubt in my mind that this work is sacred.  It is far bigger than my human mind could take me.  I mean, I had an idea, I wanted to tell a story. and yet to think of how extraordinary this program is and I got to have these terrific people help me out and lend their talent, insight, kindness, and creativity it wouldn’t have gotten made.  So, yes, I am counting this is one of the miracles in my life.  I want to share it with everyone because it so totally and radically, outrageously important!   Slowing down, taking time to talk to the horses.  We just forget in our crazy busy, trying to stay afloat life.  So, dear ones, take a half an hour and check this stuff out.  Let’s spread this around the world…love, and healing. Thank you for sharing the news. Please send us any insights and thoughts you have.


We are thrilled to announce that “Northern Arapaho Suicide Prevention Project,” a 30-minute documentary produced by Monica Lee Bellais, Charles Germain and Dianne Duncan Perrote, directed by Charles Germain and Dianne Duncan Perrote, featured in the 4th Edition of Spotlight on Screenwriters DC, was picked up for distribution by TribalTV, LLC.  It is now available on Amazon.





Special thanks to Allison Sage, Elk Sage, Angelo Sage and Destiny Sage, and to the volunteers, the families, and the participants of the Northern Arapaho Suicide Prevention Project.  Thank you to the folks that helped us on Wind River Reservation, Wyoming Karen King, Tony Estrada and Andrea Germain.  Thank you to Dawn Avery for her music contribution.  Thank you to the support from Women in Film and Video DC.

Trailer:     https://youtu.be/EwzJ7kuBdOk


Prior to the European colonization of America, Arapaho homelands were the front range of the Rockies, from Wyoming to Colorado.   “When the white men arrived, they put us on a reservation and took away our horses,” explained Elk Sage, Program Director for the Northern Arapaho Suicide Prevention Program.  This short documentary demonstrates the importance of teaching Arapaho children to ride horses as a connector to their history and culture.  “The horses help mend the broken hoop,” added Elk.  In an effort to counteract the widespread use of drugs and alcohol, as well as high rates of suicide, Allison and Elk Sage looked to their own Arapaho culture for the answer.  They break the taboo of speaking publicly about drugs and suicide, and they invite children to talk to them about their problems.  Initially, the program was focused on pre-adolescents and adolescents. Over time the program expanded to include all ages. In addition to learning to ride horses, children practice the Arapaho language and spirituality. They sing, eat and have a good time, forming strong bonds to the Arapaho community and culture.

It was an honor and a pleasure to film this project.  Look for a 1-hour documentary expanding on the backstory of how the project came to be.


Dianne Duncan Perrote

Goddess Works Media Group, LLC

(307) 760-2696




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