Gratitude in Hollywood!!!

Thank you to Ann Sladanek, Mary Kearns, Janet Therkildsen and Lisa Jacenich for your heartful gifts.  My Spirit soared and your name was spoken in Hollywood!  Olay!!!!!

It was a magnificent birthday and with some other talented Virginia filmmakers that attended the Movie Maker Academy, I found myself dipping my toes into the Pacific Ocean!  Thank you to  Virginians Sharon Plummer and Lindsay Nicole:  “Power of a Ripple: The Astounding Impact of Kindness.”

The first day at the Movie Maker Academy I was put on the “HOT SEAT” and was asked which of my projects I wanted to share.  The film about Women’s Spirituality I ventured.  These extraordinary filmmakers of Movie Maker Academy delved into my proposed idea and gave me amazing and extraordinary information.  The first very helpful piece was that they identify the stage I was in as being “CONCEPT DEVELOPMENT.”  The other piece I took away was the advice to set a schedule.  FILM DATES ARE SET!  Lots more to do, but the dates to film are now set.

The other extraordinary moment was at dinner that night, filmmaker Simone Walraven, gifted me with a pendant she’d carried for some time.  She didn’t know who it was for until this day.  It was for the film of Divine Feminine Rising!  It was as if this pendant was placed in my hand to seal the contract!  The moment was extraordinary.  It was a recognition. Sharon Plummer caught it.  Here it is.  

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