Three–no, Four Goddesses arrive!

Yesterday I listened to Wayne Dyer. You might have thought that I did not write an original update. Let me tell you that I am committed to writing and I was struggling; looking for inspiration. It seems to me that these recordings are surfacing to do just that. provide inspiration!  Meanwhile, my energy doesn’t plummet.

Before the clock struck midnight  I had four extraordinary encounters! I heard from two women that I hadn’t talked to in more than a year. As much as I have posted (in my mind) that we have a movie on Amazon Prime (YES! It’s true!) neither of them knew! I had coffee with one friend, a lovely reunion and the night before she had seen a tv special on MALTA! I told her about beginning interviews for the NEW MOVIE (on Women’s Spirituality) on June 11 and she is wanting to be interviewed! The other friend is in New Orleans. She will take a look at “Northern Arapaho Suicide Prevention Project.”

It was after 11:00 o’clock PM when the third Goddess messaged me. She started a Goddess circle in Norfolk with another friend about four years ago. She had made room in her schedule to be interviewed that week, too!

The fourth Goddess I face-called over messenger after not having talked for a few years.  In an instant there she was.  Years ago, on the roof of the hotel in St. Julian’s in Malta, she’d said, YES!  Let’s make a movie!  I called to tell her the wheels are turning!

By keeping the vibration raised, even when I didn’t see anything, the path was open for these extraordinary possibilities to open!

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