Dianne Duncan Perrote, MS

Dianne Duncan Perrot 004

Photo by Rita Zanin

Dianne brings a wide variety of life experiences to her roles as co-producer and screenwriter. These diverse experiences provide her with expertise that assures each project she works on is grounded in a real, true to life perspective. Over the years, her journey has taken her from viewing the Monte Carlo races from a private yacht to sleeping in an abandoned building on the lower east side of New York City. Most of her personal and professional life has centered around living and working in Native American communities. This has given her an intimate and insider’s view of a world few are allowed to enter. Dianne is a deeply spiritual person and has participated in Native American sweat lodges as well as being in ceremony at Gigantia, the Goddess Temple in Malta. Dianne is a High Priestess of New Earth and a Reiki Master allowing her to connect with culturally diverse people on a deeply spiritual plane.

While this is Dianne’s first venture into the world of movie-making, she has had a life-long interest in using movies to promote awareness of the human condition around the globe. Dianne’s background in media includes having worked for a cable television station for 5 years in Manhattan, KS while in Graduate School. While there she produced and hosted two talk shows, edited, ran cameras. Dianne also took Screen writing classes at University of Wyoming, as well as, attended Palm Springs and Maui Writers’ Conferences. Her interest in film has spanned decades. Perrote attended the Tribeca Film Festival with the film crew of “A Cold White Place” which won Best Creative Film.  She has also attended the Washington, DC International Film Festival, Sundance and Middleburg Film Festival.

Dianne has recently established Goddess Works Media Group, LLC in order to produce her first feature film.


Gathering of Priestesses YouTube interview with Gloria Taylor Brown 8.4.2015: A Gathering of Priestesses #61 with Dianne Duncan Perrote. This interview was very serendipitous! Called Gloria to link with her as I was establishing my website. She’d just had someone cancel and invited me! BINGO! Be ready for those amazing moments and the MAGIC therein!


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