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Mending Fences

Vietnam Veteran Jake finds 16 year old, half Nez Perce, Cody on the high plains of Wyoming a heartbeat from death. The odd pair track the gang that left her for a surprising revenge.

mending fences

“Mending Fences” is about a worn out, veteran cowboy, Jake Wallace, an 16 year-old Half-Nez Perce named Cody, and how this odd pair initially triggers each other’s PTSD then, heals each other’s invisible wounds. Jake rides fence, drinking his meals and avoiding the world. In the early summer of 1992 his pup finds a raped and beaten young woman. Cody regains consciousness and threatens that if Jake takes her to the hospital, she’ll say he did it. Using traditional medicines like sage tea, chicken soup and pop tarts, Cody gets some life back. It’s not long before Jake learns that the Wyoming gang who raped Cody is the same foursome that left his daughter, Rachael, for dead. Rachael is now at the State Mental Hospital, in Evanston. After Cody rages at Jake that he’s seeped in booze and blaming kids for being whacked out on drugs, the duo make a pact to: 1) go see Rachael, and 2) catch the gang. Driving towards Evanston they go through the Wind River Indian Reservation where one of Jake’s Army pals, Ben, Sr., resides. Ben, Sr. agrees to assist in the plot. After engineering a dramatic rescue, Rachael and the troupe head toward Sturgis Motorcycle Rally where they round up the gang one by one until only the leader, Trevor, is left. Encounters with individual gang members result in collaboration, and they agree to turn Trevor over. The gang is lured across the border into Montana, where Cody lassos Trevor. They tie him up and the rest of the gang takes off. Cody readies herself to cut off Trevor’s dick. Knife in hand, Cody reaches a realization…

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Dear Family and Friends,

There are some of you that have seen this letter and responded to it and I thank you from the bottom of my heart! Because of your generosity the goal is CLOSER! Still, I want to share my information with you because I have reached a “tipping point” in getting this film made. Y’all are POWER HOUSES! For that reason I want you to know what is up in my neck of the woods. So, here it goes.

On February 18, 2016 I met with Emmy Award winning Producer, Joel Westbrook and potential investors regarding their investment in making the movie I wrote. “It was a good meeting as they say in L.A.,” said Joel. More discussions and further developments are underway. Since that meeting a MENDING FENCES CORE DEVELOPMENT TEAM has formed and is solidifying.

Many of you know I have been working on a screenplay off and on for a very long time. Last July my screenwriting became more than a sidebar project resulting in “Mending Fences” being selected for Women in Film and Video’s Catalog: Spotlight on Screenwriters DC 2015! This pilot program for the Spotlight on Screenwriters initiative compiles the work of the region’s most talented screenwriters into a professionally produced Spec-catalog to be presented to major producers, launched this fall at WIFV’s annual ScriptDC Conference. The catalog features production-ready screenplays written by WIFV members.

The screenplay is a feature length drama inspired by a true event. Ultimately, it is about redemption; a universally important subject.

First money, or, “skin in,” is notoriously the toughest. It is, also, the MOST IMPORTANT. Equity funding represents family and friends support of the project to the potential investors who are looking at investing. I am writing to invite you to join in the next step by giving a gift to help launch this project. Any amount you are able and willing to give to the furthering of getting this movie to the big screen makes you part of the grand adventure!

There are three ways in which your gift can be received:

1) Make a check out to:
Goddess Works Media Group, LLC
Memo: Mending Fences
Mail to: PO Box 14425, Norfolk, VA  23518

2) Click on this link to make your gift through PayPal: PayPal for Mending Fences

3) GoFundMe:

Please share this information with anyone who you think might appreciate it and might want to add to the momentum. You can read a log line and a synopsis of the movie on the “Mending Fences” website under the “Movie” tab.

If you have any questions, suggestions, comments and input, please contact me through the Contact page. Contact

Your support for this exciting endeavor is deeply appreciated. We would love for you to be part of this dynamic project if it resonates with you.

Best regards,

Dianne Duncan Perrote


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